Monday, August 5, 2013

The Bathtub is IN!

And that's the good news. Let's walk through a little photo story. 

Helllooooo new bathtub! 

Time to put my camera down so I can help Josh carry my new pride and joy to the bathroom. 

....but then we got to the bathroom, and this happened. 

How do we get this thing in? You see, it's going to Let's try something else. 

Yep, that's a car jack. 

When that didn't work, Josh called his Dad. 

Josh's Dad got here and after lots of maneuvering the tub in and out, it went in. Why take it out so many times? The first time they took it out, they needed to match up the plumbing with the drainage. The second time they took it out, they had to trim some of the wall back so the tub would be flush with the wall. 

So it's in! Yay!! Hold the applause. 

Then we discovered that the rough-in plumbing does not match up with our modern day fixtures. Basically that contraption coming out of the wall above the tub where the insulation is - is wrong. Aka another hold-up. 

The good news is... we got the drain hooked up. 

So off to eBay we went to buy our new valve. Hopefully it comes in this week so Josh can get busy! 

I don't know if any of you are "bath people", but I totally am. And this bath person hasn't had a bathtub since March. Only showers. Bath people can definitely sympathize. Cross your fingers and toes that we keep it moving in the tiny bathroom! 

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Mine was bittersweet. Heading back to work this morning. Where did the summer go?! 


  1. I'm liking this blog-very entertaining! When I saw this post and the pic of the tub not fitting ..I thought of one thing..the friends episode with the sofa on the staircase. Pivot, Pivot, Pivot--Joey: "I don't know what pivot means"...not sure if you're a fan but if so you'll find it funny. Good luck with the rest of the house!

    1. So funny! I surely do remember that Friends episode! Didn't we spend one summer re-watching Friends?! Haha thanks for the comment :)