Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap(s)

While I obviously had the concept of finishing the bathroom on my mind, Josh had other plans. He decided that we needed to organize his tools. Also, we had my parents truck so we were on a mission to buy sheet rock and baseboards. Are you asleep yet?

While the idea of all of this seems quite boring, I actually have a few before and afters. Any organization geeks reading? I'm one! Also, you have to remember that we are doing this all ourselves. So while a lot of times there aren't any dramatic before and afters, there's still a lot of hard work going on.

At the beginning of the weekend, our dining room was home to our tools. Remember?

Josh decided to categorize things into toolboxes. That way he could just grab a box for whatever project he's working on and put it all away in the box at the end. Now we have a "plumbing box", "painting box", "electrical box", etc. Inside one of these boxes looks like this.

And their new home is UPSTAIRS in the closet out of the way. I can breathe again! Or eat at the dining room table. 

A little shopping shot. Here are some of our new baseboards. We're replacing them throughout the house because ours are nasty. FYI, we made FOUR trips to Lowes/Home Depot this weekend. 

Oh and if you made it this far down, check out what we did LAST weekend. Hence the lack of posts last week :)

So our life isn't ALL housework and organization. Probably about 80% of it is. If we aren't here at home doing housework - we're usually out to dinner. Last weekend we went to visit our best friends in New Orleans. Here's a little photo story of our night. Thank you Amanda and Braxton, our wonderful hosts, who planned a great day/night! 

Shots anyone? No thanks that's gross! 

Hope everyone has a great week!

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