Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hallway Inspiration

In honor of me going buy paint this afternoon for the hallway, I thought I would show a few images that are inspiring me. Along with the process that got me to what color I ended up picking.

So one of the walls in the hallway is paneled. No biggie, I can deal with it - and I actually kinda like the difference in wall texture. Here's a little reminder of what the blue paneled walls looked like. Also a reminder of what pictures looked like before I bought my camera. Yikes!

So I decided maybe I wanted the same color as the middle bedroom that you can see in the picture (through the doorway). Well, I painted the paneled wall that color and HATED it, which is so weird because I LOVE it in the middle bedroom. It was too tan. And at night it was almost like an army green color. Not my idea of an uplifting color. 

Yes, I was quite brave placing that paint tray on my freshly done steps!
Here's the whole wall painted that color. Pretty, but just not what I was going for. This picture was in the early morning sunlight so it was bright and cheerful! I need to snap a picture at night. 

So then I taped up a whole bunch of paint chips in my hallway and just stared. I decided the tan route wasn't for me. I wanted a true gray color. Not like my bedroom color which can read a little bit dark. So I researched and researched what color I was going to choose. What I ended up picking was Moonshine by Benjamin Moore.
Get Carey'd Away
Revere Pewter is what I have in my bedroom.

 The hallway in our house connects all three bedrooms downstairs + our dining room and our kitchen. That's a whole lotta rooms you have to consider when you pick a paint color. So, how did I determine that it would be a grey shade? Well for my dining room that it connects to, I'm going for this type of look. 

So here's kinda what I want them to look like together. 

Kinda got my vibe? We're planning to put bead board along the bottoms of the wall and paint it white. Kinda like it's shown in the picture above. That look but not that style of wainscoting.

There will be lots of gold accents throughout the hallway, but I don't want to give too much away :) Hopefully I can get the paint done this week. Here's a little peek at me starting to paint the trim.

Notice how almond colored all the trim is. I never really noticed it AS much until I painted those stairs.

And this is a small "after". Look at the trim above the steps and along the paneled wall. All white! And then look to the right, that's the old trim color. So much better bright white, no? 

Then I ran out of my white trim paint. Off to the paint store after work!