Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chandelier Makeover Round 2

Brass chandelier makeover time! Check out the dust on this puppy. 

This chandelier belongs to the dining room. It's been down for quite some time while I decided what color scheme I was going for in there (for when we tackle that room in the future). 

First thing I did was wipe all the dust off and then I taped off all the electrical sockets (where the light bulb goes) - no idea if that's what you call them. 

All cleaned up and brassy. 

Then I brought everything outside to where my cardboard was still lazily sitting on the grass - the dead grass now. 

After many trips searching for gold spray paint (this stuff is hard to find) - I stumbled upon this. It's "pure gold" by Rustoleum. And it's $7.97. That's pretty pricey in the spray paint world. 

All was good and I was all set up. 

Until the spray paint can start spraying on its own. Defective. Seriously? BACK to Home Depot I go to return it and buy another bottle. Once I got home, I started spraying. Here it is all spray painted and gold. 

See the difference?

I do! This "pure gold" was more of a champagne I'd say. Gold is such a hard color to find. Some can be very yellow and some are too bright and brassy. In the end, whatever color this is, I like it :)

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